Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mission Statement

After a few sporatic blog posts, I should probably explain what I’m doing here. This blog is going to be dedicated largely to both movies and makeup. I am a huge movie person. Believe me, I do little else in my free time but watch movies. I love watching them, and I love learning about what goes on behind the scenes. I like to read up on actors and actresses until I feel like I know them. It’s kinda weird and rather pathetic, but that’s just what I’m interested in. So, a large portion of posts will include movie reviews, actor/actress profiles, movie trivia, upcoming films, etc.

Now, another passion of mine is makeup. I’m not what you would call the stereotypical ‘girly girl’ but I do like to indulge in hair and makeup products. So, I will be posting product reviews, makeup looks, favorite products, etc etc. These posts will probably be more female-friendly than the movie posts, which will definitely cater to both sexes.

Because this is a personal blog, I will probably be posting more personal articles, too. These could include anything from pictures of my everyday life, antics with my friends, to more serious issues that come to my attention. I guess we’ll just see how this goes.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you find it useful or minorly entertaining. Otherwise, I guess I’m just talking to myself :)

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