Monday, August 8, 2011

Delicious Food Stuffs

So, a few weeks ago, my family went out of town for my uncle's wedding. I unfortunately couldn't go because of work stuff, so I was stuck at home :( And because they were gone, I was left to fend for myself foodwise. One day, while checking out foodgawker (great great website!!!) I came across this link for Cherry Coke and Jalepeno Meatballs--sounds weird I know, but soo delicious! Link here.

I did change the recipe a bit: I used ready-made meatballs and I skipped the jalepenos (peppers, yeck!), but the meatballs themselves were a little spicy already so it all worked out.

Yum Yum!

I also decided to make cake pops for dessert. If you don't know what cake pops are, they're basically brownies covered in chocolate, rolled around on some sort of topping, and on a stick. I followed the recipe video that AprilAthena7 posted (click here).

Instead of making rocky road ones, I just covered them in smashed up Oreos. Plus, mine were a little too heavy for the sticks I bought, so they just turned into brownie cakes :)

I also had some left over chocolate, so I decided to make some chocolate covered potato chips (Yes, potato chips).

Close up!

I also made a chocolate covered banana, which I stuck in the freezer for a few hours (delicious!)

I'm definitely gonna have to make all of this again sometime. Let me know if you try anything out!

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