Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Look: Zombie

By far, my favorite look I've ever done for Halloween, the zombie! Last year, I was a zombie bridesmaid. So fun!

To get the dead, peeling skin, I followed this tutorial. Instead of doing the whole face, however, I only did two patches: one on my forehead and one along the jaw. I also used toilet paper instead of tissue since I didn't have any, and the "skin" came out drier and flakier than it should have been. Definitely use Kleenex!
Add skin patches to neck, collarbone, and shoulders to accomodate any exposed skin from your costume.

For sullen, dark eyes, I mixed a bit of petroleum jelly with some black eyeshadow (Maybelline Night Sky) and smeared it around the eye socket. Make sure to accentuate dark eye circles and the crease of your eye to really make it creepy. I also used this mixture around my mouth and on my lips to look more feral.

Now, for the bleeding orifices, I simply used some "vampire blood" which you can get at any drugstore this time of year (I think mine was from Target). I created drips from my nose, mouth, eyes, and open sores created during the "skin" stage.

For icky, broken teeth, use a tooth blackout product (check out your local Walmart's Halloween section). This stuff is specifically created for teeth, so its ok if it gets in your mouth. The one I used came with a brush applicator, so I just painted the tips of my front teeth, making them look shattered and broken.

For the hair, I started with the leftover style from my Greek Goddess look (check it out here). I just pinned up random sections of hair, trying to make it look like an updo that's been tortured. I added a few twigs and leaves to make it seem like I just crawled out of the grave!

The costume was actually made by me out of a bridesmaid's dress my mom gave me. I cut the bodice out to give it a more off-the-shoulder look, and spent a good deal of time ripping and tearing at the skirt to make it more ragged. The most fun part was going outside to a nearby flower bed and getting the dress as dirty as possible. With a friend, we rubbed dirt into the dress and then scrubbed it on the wet grass to get some grass stains.

After I did my makeup, I added some fake blood to the dress and smears of the black shadow/petroleum jelly concoction to act as "mystery ooze".

To take your costume to the next level, carry around a gummy heart like I did, or a fake foot or hand to gnaw on!!

Overall, this look turned out great and was well worth all the effort that went into it. I wore this all day long, and got lots of stares and compliments on it. I even won first place at my dorm's costume contest!

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Look: Greek Goddess

So, I've decided to punch out a couple of Halloween looks for you guys to check out before the big day! Rather late, I know, but better than never!

So, this first look is a look I did last year for a dance I went to. Since we were gonna be ballroom dancing and getting up close and personal, I decided to do a more pretty make up look: a Greek goddess!

For the hair, I used a triple wave iron throughout all of my hair (prepping with my TreSEMME Heat Tamer Spray, of course!). Make sure to use plenty of hairspray so that your waves stay intact (I used TreSEMME Tres Two hair spray). Next, I pulled back a few pieces of hair from the back of my crown into a slight poof/beehive style and bobby pinned it down. For the tiara, I actually used a necklace! Simply lay the necklace down where you want it, and bobby pin it in place!

For makeup, I went really simple. Black liquid liner along the top lashline, black pencil on the water line and lower lashline, and that's it! The main focus of the outfit was definitely the dress: a hot pink, one-shouldered gown from Deb. It was actually my senior prom dress! So glad I got another use out of it!

More to come soon!