Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Look: Greek Goddess

So, I've decided to punch out a couple of Halloween looks for you guys to check out before the big day! Rather late, I know, but better than never!

So, this first look is a look I did last year for a dance I went to. Since we were gonna be ballroom dancing and getting up close and personal, I decided to do a more pretty make up look: a Greek goddess!

For the hair, I used a triple wave iron throughout all of my hair (prepping with my TreSEMME Heat Tamer Spray, of course!). Make sure to use plenty of hairspray so that your waves stay intact (I used TreSEMME Tres Two hair spray). Next, I pulled back a few pieces of hair from the back of my crown into a slight poof/beehive style and bobby pinned it down. For the tiara, I actually used a necklace! Simply lay the necklace down where you want it, and bobby pin it in place!

For makeup, I went really simple. Black liquid liner along the top lashline, black pencil on the water line and lower lashline, and that's it! The main focus of the outfit was definitely the dress: a hot pink, one-shouldered gown from Deb. It was actually my senior prom dress! So glad I got another use out of it!

More to come soon!

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