Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday Haul!! Bath & Body Works

Black Friday!!! Believe it or not, this year was actually my first year to ever take part in a Black Friday event, namely, the 10pm Walmart sale on Thursday. However, this post will be a Black Friday from one of my all time favorite stores: Bath and Body Works! They had some great deals (buy 3, get 3 free; stackable coupons) and a great gift bag that you could purchase for just $20 after spending $40.

Here we go!

Taking full advantage of the BOGO offer, my mom, sister, and I all got some new items. Their purchases included 2 body lotions (Dark Kiss and Sensual Amber), a fragrance mist (Black Amethyst), and a hand soap (Winter Cranberry) with a fancy-schmancy silver cover. My picks definitely ran to the fruitier/flowery side.

My first pick was a shower gel in Paris Amour, one of my fave BBW scents. I already have a mini lotion, the fragrance mist, and the shimmer mist, and I was in need of a body wash and thought, why not? This scent just came out this last August, and is made up of a blend of French tulips, apple blossoms, and pink champagne. It’s the absolute perfect sweet blend of flowers and fruit, with a touch of sexiness added by the champagne notes. Love!

The next thing I picked up was a Japanese Cherry Blossom intense moisture body butter. Yumm!! This is one of BBW’s best-selling scents, and, unbelievable, I used to hate it! I couldn’t stand the smell of it in high school, but last year, I discovered a love of it. I have the Select-A-Shimmer product, which is a fusion of a body lotion and a shimmer gel with a dial that lets you decide the lotion-to-shimmer ratio you want, and I finished off a mini body butter last spring. The scent smells strongly of cherry blossoms (obviously!) with a hint of something woody, like sandalwood. It’s a very earthy, yet sexy scent.

Next, I picked up a moisturizing hand soap for my apartment. Christmas is coming up soon, and I thought it’d be nice to have a themed soap to go with the season. The scent I chose was Apple Wreath, which I already have the PocketBac of. This soap is a nice blend of green apple, apple cider, and pine with a hint of cinnamon; the ultimate Christmas scent!

The thing I was most excited for was the awesome gift bag. A $103 value, this bag was available for only 20 bucks! Yay! The bag consisted of a black tote with a zebra-print interior, filled with a bunch of full-sized products. Attached to the bag was a silver jingle bell, and a Mistletoe Kiss PocketBac (smells like legit holly and berries) in a sparkly-red PocketBac Holder. Inside were two makeup bags: one med-large zebra-print (which my sister took) and one med red giraffe-print (which I claimed). There was also a light pink loofah, which I gave to my sister.

Now for the products!

The bag included 3 items from the new scent collection, Be Enchanted: shower gel, body lotion, and shimmer mist. In August, I bought the $1 sample-size lotion and really liked it (and my mom gifted me another one when I got home for the holidays, ha). Be Enchanted is a sugary scent with a touch of tartness, consisting of pomegranate and sugared flower petals. Yum! Of the 3 products, I decided to keep the shower gel and the lotion, and my sister claimed the shimmer mist.

Next was a body lotion from the Aromatherapy line called Sleep – Night Time Tea. Sleep contains a mix of white water lily, malachite, cedarwood, and orange essential oils. Personally, I’m not a fan. I’m not too partial towards herbal scents, so I was more than happy to give this to my mom when she asked.

Also in the bag was a foaming hand soap in Mistletoe Kiss. A blend of sweet orange, mandarin, cinnamon, and vanilla, this smells astonishingly just like mistletoe. Unfortunately, it’s not my kind of smell, so it has been relegated to my parents’ house.

The last two items consist of a sparkly-lilac pump (probably to put in the body lotion) and a lip gloss. The lip gloss is in Cranberry Kiss, a part of the Liplicious All I Want holiday line, and is a super shimmery melon-rose color. It smells exactly like cranberries, isn’t sticky, and tastes delicious. Win!

Overall, I’m super excited to use everything. I’ve used all these types of products before and wasn’t disappointed. If you guys want reviews on any of these products, or of other BBW products, just let me know. I will most likely be doing a BBW collection post around the end of the year, giving you guys a chance to see some of my favorite products and scents.

Stay tuned for the rest of my Black Friday haul!

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