Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday Haul!!! DVD Heaven!

Welcome to part 2 of my Black Friday haul! In this post, I'll be showing you everything I scored at the Walmart Black Friday sale that started 10pm Thursday. My mom, brother, and I staked out the DVD section at 9pm. We spent the next hour standing guard over the movies we wanted while making alliances with other shoppers (I'll grab this if you'll grab that). The mob grew quickly and all we heard was "Attention Walmart Shoppers" before all hell broke loose.

We gnabbed all the movies we could before retreating to the Cosmetics aisle (no people!). Then, we went through everything we grabbed, deciding which we actually wanted, and which ones I would buy--since I'm building my own collection separate from my parents', I thought this would be an opportune moment to contribute.

In the end, I bought 7 DVDs for 2 bucks each. Accidently, my mom bought 2 of my other picks, so I got those basically for free.

Check it!

What I was most excited for were these three movies--the Mummy series! I simply love these movies, albeit the third one (Ugh), so I just had to get these first. My absolute favorite of the three is the Mummy Returns, which I've rented about 6 times since the semester started!

I also got some chick flicks while I was there: He's Just Not That Into You, the Ugly Truth, and the Notebook. I bought the last two and my mom got the first one on accident. I just watched the Ugly Truth yesterday since my roommate hadn't seen it yet. And I'm excited to watch the Notebook again, although it's guaranteed that I'm going to cry.

Unleashed is a movie I've been wanting to see for a while. I saw the trailer while waiting for a different movie to start and thought it seemed interesting. Unfortunately, it proved elusive at my movie rental stores. When I saw it in the $2 section, I just had to get it. I watched it today, and I really enjoyed it--I see a review in this movie's future!

And finally, a great find on my mom's part, GLEE!!! I'm a hardcore Gleek so I was super excited to know this was on sale! This is the complete 1st season, and has 6 discs. I can't wait for a Glee-a-thon!!

I also got a mini food processor for 3 bucks. Awesome deal! We'll see if it works...


I decided to add this little present to my haul. I've been obsessed with the Bath & Body Works scent, Twisted Peppermint, ever since I bought the PocketBac. It smells soo good! Well, I was checking out the BBW website before the Black Friday sale, and I kept coming back to the 3-wick candle. My mom noticed, and decided to give me one of my Christmas presents early: the candle!!

It smells so freaking good, like peppermint frosting! And it came with a free holder which is winter-themed. Love!

This is probably one of my favorite holiday scents, along with Apple Wreath.

So pristine and white!


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