Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Masquerade Mask

"Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquarade. Hide your face so the world can never find you..."

I don't think I'll ever be able to hear the word masquerade without having the Phantom of the Opera go streaming through my head. Anyways, I have a masquerade ball coming up the first weekend of December and I was feeling inspired to try my hand at a makeup mask. I know its not amazing, but I think it's pretty good for a first attempt. If I would've been able to completely blot out my brows and get the white face makeup even, I'm sure it would've been better. I'll keep working on this one!

Instead of starting with the face like I normally do, I decided to start with my eyes this time. I concentrated heavily on the eyes, trying to make sure they were completely even and totally blacked out. To me, nothing looks better with a mask than pure black around the eyes. So mysterious!
I took a black cream eye liner and drew a cat-eye shape, bringing the liner all the way up to just above my crease. I also took it a bit lower on the bottom lid than I normally do, and brought the inner corner down slightly. Then I set the liner with a matte loose eyeshadow to complete the shadowed look. In the inner corner, I added a red-bronze cream shadow for a subtle spot of color. (Oops, forgot mascara! Gads!!)

To start the mask, I used a white eyeliner to sketch out the general shape of the mask. I then took white face makeup left over from Halloween and filled in the outline, trying to make the application as even as possible. Then, I set the white makeup with a matte white eyeshadow to keep it from smearing and to help smooth it out even more. Lightly, I took the black cream liner around the entire mask to give it some definition.

I didn't know initially what I wanted to do with the mask, though I did know that I wanted to keep it simple. I decided to add some dimension/shadow by using a bright pink eyeshadow and lightly blending it along the edges of the mask and around the eyes. Then I took a hot pink blush and brushed it around the temples and over my brows.

For lips, I used a pink lipliner to slightly extend the shape of my lips, making them appear a bit more plump. I topped it off with a bright pink lipstick and some pink gloss!

All in all, it's not the greatest look I've done, but its ok. This one has been labeled "Needs Improvement". I hope you enjoyed it regardless and that it inspired you to take on your own masquerade look!

Products Used:

Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeliner in White
White Halloween makeup
ELF Studio Cream eyeliner in Black
hot pink eyeshadow from ELF 100 palette
ELF Studio blush in Pink Passion

ELF Studio Cream eyeliner in Black
ELF Studio Matte eye shadow in Charcoal
L'Oreal Eye Glosse in Blazing (red-bronze color)

Wet n Wild lipliner in Petal
ELF Essential lipstick in Sociable
ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Watermelon

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