Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Repurpose Your Necklace!

Hey guys! So I have another DIY project for you! With a pair of pliers, some jump rings, and a few clasps, you can turn an old necklace into two new bracelets! See how I did it!

This necklace came in a box of beads my mom bought at an auction!
First you need a necklace that's sectionalized like the one above. The first time I saw it, I knew it'd make a gorgeous bracelet!

Using your pliers, loosen the beaded portions from the jewelled section. You should have a length of about 7 inches.

Finally, I added a few jump rings to make the bracelet a bit longer and attached a lobster clasp. I also used my pliers to remove the last white bead on this section (all the rest had already fallen off).


With the remaining two beaded sections, I reconnected them using my pliers before adding a round clasp. I also removed the hook thingy off the end.
Wah-la! Another new bracelet!
I hope you guys found this useful, and maybe gave you an idea on how to transform some pieces you might have just lying around. See you next time!

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