Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers Palettes

Back at the end of November, Hautelook was having a sale on Jane cosmetics. Having never tried Jane products, I decided to pick up a couple palettes since they were only 3 bucks each.

I got two of their Eye Zing Eye Mixers palettes--one in Nirvana and one in Collection 1.

Collection 1 palette

L-R: Purple Heart, Dazzle, Sungloss, Dream Cream, Clubbing, Hi Ho Silver, It's a Girl.
Bottom: White Lies
Nirvana palette

L-R: Purple Heart, Perfection, Sage, Moss, Hazel Nut, Me, Dream Cream, Brownie Points

Each palette has a mix of shimmery and matte shades, though the matte shades outnumber shimmer. I actually like this as I don't have a ton of matte shadows. The shadows weren't as soft as I would like (Wet n Wild shadows are the coup de grace of drugstore shadows, so I tend to compare shadows to them). They were a bit like how ELF shadows can be--some good some bad. Brownie Points is probably the best color out of these--great texture, great pigmentation.

Some of these shadows are listed as possible dupes for high end products which you can check out here.

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