Saturday, March 31, 2012

Songs of the Month: Vol. 2

Welcome to the March edition of Songs of the Month! This month, I had quite a few songs on repeat, so let's jump right on in!

1. "Non, Je ne Regrette Rien" by Edith Piaf
I had this song stuck in my head for two straight weeks this month. You might recognize it from Inception, Bull Durham, or La Vie En Rose, all of which it was featured in. I've been working on learning the lyrics, since I'm taking French. Music is such a great way to learn! But back to the song. Edith has an amazing voice and the French just rolls of her tongue. It's an absolutely amazing song.

2. "La Mer" by Charles Trenet
Yes, another French song. What can I say? French is a lovely language. This song always makes me happy whenever I hear it. It makes me think of lying on a sandy beach in the middle of summer. For those not familiar with "La Mer" you might know the song "Beyond the Sea"? That song was a translation/cover of Trenet's version, and personally, I like this one better.

3. "Point of No Return" by Emmy Rossum & Gerard Butler
Phantom of the Opera is probably one of the most epic Broadway shows, movies, and soundtracks in all history. The music is amazing and the voices are simply mindblowing. "Point of No Return" is probably my favorite track on the score. Emmy's range is un-freaking-believable, hitting every note perfectly (also, at the time, she was only 18!). Gerard is wonderful as the Phantom--who knew he had a voice like that!

4. "Don't Rain on My Parade" by Lea Michele
Rachel Berry's power ballad orignated by the great Barbra Streisand is probably in my top 10 favorite Glee songs. Lea has by far the best voice on the show and in this song she proves it. This particular version is from the Glee Concert DVD and is definitely the best version she's ever done. You don't have to be a Glee fan in order to enjoy this; just sit back, relax, and listen to this amazing voice.

5. "La Tortura" by Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
 Wow, no shortage of foreign music this month! To tell you the truth, I have no idea what Shakira is singing about in this song, but I love it. It makes me want to Samba all day and all night.

And that's all for this month!

Sorry about the lack of posts this month! I have a tough semester right now so it's taking up a lot of my time. Hopefully I'll be better about posting in the next few weeks. And summer is right around the corner, and I'll be posting up a storm!

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